Can someone help me, how to make a curves deformation in toonboom 15 advanced?

From what i see from some tutorial for toonboom 15 premium. There’s some option in tool properties when you click at rigging tool to make curves. But, i cant find any option to make curves deformation, in my toonboom advanced.

Curve deformation is only available in Harmony Premium.

oh, thanks. i just thought advanced hv that too, cause in docs, there’s some explanation in advanced

While you cannot edit curves or envelope deformers on Advanced you can animate them. So if you collaborate with someone using Premium to make the rigging you would still be able to animate using curves/envelopes. While Advanced has that limitation, it costs half the price so it’s possible to reduce your budget in a production in which, for instance, you have a single Premium license for rigging and compositing and several Advanced licences for animation only. The same seems to be true for Essentials though apparently it will not work with bitmap rigs. It will display the drawings but will grey out all animation and drawing tools once you select a bitmap drawing. I didn’t test this thoroughly, so correct me if I said something wrong, but there doesn’t seem to be any limitation in terms of animating complex rigs made in Premium using Advanced.

Luis Canau

This is kind of great knowledge for me as a beginner to this software. This sounds could be a good and effective pipeline to me.

Big thanks Luis,