Can someone explain FPS when exporting please.

I’m a bit of a newbie when it comes to 24 fps exporting and such. If i want to export my scenes to a 3rd party like vegas and put them together there do I need to set vegas to 24 fps also? If I do that how will that effect the upload to youtube. … Would it be better for me just to do 30 fps on everything?

Sorry for my newbie questions, just trying to get things straight before I get to the end and screw everything up.


Correct me if I’m wrong but 30 fps is an NTSC standard of broadcast and since you are on a computer, for YouTube, it doesn’t relate.

Also I think most new productions are going HDTV not NTSC or PAL, anyway in Canada, US and Europe.

If it’s any comfort, Mike, I do all my animations at 24fps, composite with Vegas at the same rate, and upload without problem to YouTube. Works great!

No worries - I know this stuff can be a bit tricky.

You do indeed want to make sure that your Vegas project is the same FPS. If you import a movie of a different FPS, then I think Vegas will just do a conversion, but for best results they should be the same.

You should be able to upload your 24 fps movie directly to YouTube, unless I’m mistaken.