Can someone explain a few things to me?

What is color art and how does it help me? I enabled the option and tried using it but nothing appeared to happen. I’ve looked all over and haven’t found anything relevant.

I’m trying to make a car. The wheels are causing me grief because when I animate the spinning motion they come out wobbley because the pivot point is off. How can I set the pivot point of an object to the exact center point of that object, or a selected object? Doing it by hand just isn’t cutting it.

Are there any quality royalty free, preferably free, sound effect sources that I can use? I’ve got a couple sites but it’s a bit limited.

Is there a way to fix it where I don’t have to maximize every new scene I create? And every time I use the close gap tool in a new scene I have to tell the program to not warn me about invisible strokes. Is there anyway to make those permanent?

Thanks for any help at all you can give. I’m really enjoying this software.

My advice on the wheels is turn the grid on. Then nudge the lines as guides to help you find the centre.

You should be able to remove the warning. I don’t get it anymore I don’t think. Are you sure there isn’t just a checkbox?

There is a checkbox but it it only applies to that specific scene. When I create a new file the box comes up again. It’s nothing critical but it is a bit annoying to lose momentum, though.

The way it works is it basically seperates your inking and colouring so you can edit them individually. Page 175 of the user guide explains the purpose of the line art/colour art layers really well. Page 79 of the user guide explains the buttons in the toolbar.

To use line art/colour art make sure:
1. You have the Advanced Art Mode turned on in Animate’s Preferences, under the General Tab. You will need to relaunch the program for changes to take effect.
2. You are in the drawing view
if you are working in the camera view make sure you have ‘Current Drawing on Top’ enabled. To enable it click on the camera icon down the bottom of the camera view window and make sure ‘Current Drawing on Top’ has a tick next to it.

Now, here’s a simple experiment to see how it works:

Click on the ‘Line Art Button’ which is down the bottom left of the drawing view window. Make sure the ‘Preview Line Art and Colour Art’ button is NOT selected so you ONLY see the line art. Draw an unfilled circle (with a pencil or brush it doesn’t matter it just needs to have an outline).

Select your circle with the select tool and go to the Drawing menu, and choose ‘Create colour art from line art’. (There is also a button for this in tool properties which is two curved lines with three blue arrows in between them).

Click on the colour art button down the bottom left of the drawing view window. Make sure you have your strokes visible. To turn strokes on it’s shortcut ‘K’ or you ca go to the View menu, Show, Show Strokes. You should see the outline of your circle as a thin blue line.

Fill the circle with a different colour to it’s outline on the line art layer.

If only the ‘Line Art Button’ is selected you will only see the circles outline.
If only the ‘Colour Art Button’ is selected you will only see the circles fill.
If the ‘Preview Line Art and Colour Art’ button is selected you will be able to see your stroke and fill together.

Hope that makes sense :slight_smile: