Can Somebodey make and rig my charicter for me please?

Can Somebodey make and rig my charicter for me please? I don’t have a pad and my mouse is tarable. It’s for Harmony. So if you can, i’ve attatched the pictures, And there’s only 2 pictures. And could you also make the side view and back view and mouths and stuff basicaly all that’s needed! And the charicters name is Seth. And a manga or anime artist would be great! But if not that’s ok! And can you make the charicter look better please like stand out more and the shadings and everything! Please i’d realy apreciate it! And btw it’s a Pokemon Trainer.


It’s okay I actually did and i’m probably getting a tablet soon from this guy on here. And I’m already using OpenToonz wich is free.

Oh no Bro, Sorry i can’t do 100 bucks. I’m only a 13 year old boy saving up for that will take like a year. I asked for 2 bucks becouse i can get that quick and if it’s just there collecting dust, why is it $99.99? If 2$ is not all that grand i can do 5$? And i think my sister had that one before…

No, you misunderstand, I only put up that amazon listing to show what the tablet looks like. I bought this tablet years ago and have moved on to a newer Intuos tablet and a smaller Cintiq. This Intuos 3 tablet still works and does me no good sitting in a closet, I would rather give it someone who can put it to use.

As I said, if you can pay for the shipping, I will give you this old tablet of mine for free, you just need to pay for shipping.

He said more than $2 as an estimate for shipping. It might be as much as $5 who knows until it is on a scale at the post office?

Congrats on getting that resolved.

I am going to expect to see some work in process out of you or I am going to call your parents and suggest they only allow you time on the 3Ds IF it doesn’t get in the way of working on your animation skill which, unlike playing Nintendo games, will have lasting value. Well, if you end up designing art for games it all sort of blends together anyway doesn’t it?

Please do post some work with the tablet when you receive it.


Oh okay, How much?

Sure, what is your budget?

The name of OP is the cherry on this cake.

Thanks but i’ve already tried blender before and it’s not my thing. I’m a Cartoonist Not a 3D Animator. And my printer dosn’t work. And how could i make smoother lines with a mouse it’l just make them more squgly. And i kinda can’t get my tablet for Christmas becouse the game that i’m geting is a new one that my sibsings and friends will play without me and spoil it if I don’t get it then. And that’l take forever copying all those pages 1 by one if that’s what you where saying. And I won’t pay for toon boom yet. Becouse the trial already is enogh time for me all together all have 30 somthing days but actualy probably just 29 becouse or how much it gives you and stuff how long it’l be when i can actualy do everything and i probably havn’t saw Studio Ghibi. And i am basing it on Pokemon Witch is 4D. But thanks for helping anywase.

I wonder if the OP is actually serious - could be joking around.

Sorry what’s a OP?

And Sorry for the delayed replays i didn’t get a notification.


OP = Original Poster, meaning you in this case.

You might attract someone interested in doing you a favor. This forum does not get a lot of actvity though so don’t take it personally if you don’t. Rigging a character is a time consuming process but some people have done it so many times they could probably do this in a matter of minutes. Then you have to consider what it took to get where they are at…the time they spent to learn and develop the skill.

There are a lot of tutorials on rigging characters in Harmony and as someone who has scoured Google and Youtube for them I am happy to see more of them in recent months. A guy to pay attention to is Jon Taylor. You could probably rig your own characters after watching his videos.

I do not have enough time to work on my own stuff otherwise I might have helped you more.

Good luck!

? Ok, First of all i did try once but i can’t with a mouse cause it looks all squgly and… I’m only 13 but i am artistic. Not to boast. And it’s realy hard for me. And i’m not all that good at drawing with a mouse. So i asked if someone could do it for me right now becouse i don’t have a pad. I been waiting forever to start my series but i can’t becouse… i don’t have a pad as i said. Although i would need alot of more charicters. And plus it’s a Pokemon thing so i’d need pokemon rigs and people rigs. Huhhhh… But anywase, Can you do it? And i am the original poster. And thanks. As you can see that’s how i draw on paper.

Oh sorry I thought the whole thing was the same person, and I actually wasn’t thinking anyone was going to charge me… But what where you thinking?

OK “Talented Gifted” :wink:

You need to get a pad. You will not be able to get by without one. Ask them if there is something you can do for them to earn the money or beg Mom and Dad for an early birthday or Christmas present.

Believe me. I tried. And that’s just my company name. My username is Sethis4Pizza. My sister had one if only we took care of it wouldn’t be gone. My brother has some bucks but he won’t buy me one becouse he’s saving up for a new phone. I asked my friends of they had any and they didn’t. I wish I had a job. And also one of my friends have like alot of money but that would be rude to ask for some. And basicly there’s nothing for me to do for some money becouse my brother already took most of them and asked I could do is run feet for 2 bucks and that’ll take forever. And Christmas i want a 3DS and this game. So I can’t get it then. So my birthday I could but that’s like forever. Although if someone put one on amazon or eBay for me for like, 2 bucks I could do it. But the post on Google plus I sways no one said anything. So ya if someone could do that for me I would be most delighted.

Well, life is all about choices.

You mention you could ask for a graphics tablet for Christmas, but you do not want to, since you prefer to ask for a 3Ds and a game. Perhaps reconsider, and go for the graphics tablet instead? You can’t have your cake and eat it too, as they say.

Another option is to work on paper: sketch, then trace the lines on a new sheet of translucent paper. Clean up the lines, and use a scanner or a camera to import the images in either ToonBoom or OpenTOonz to convert them to vector. Once that is done, you can use the mouse to adjust the lines for nicer curves, if required.

You probably have seen one or two Studio Ghibli animation films (Spirited Away) or Futurama? Those were done with the help of OpenTOonz. Ghibli’s workflow was paper-based: draw on paper, scan and convert the drawings to vector in OT, clean up the drawings, and colour them. Then add effects, camera movements, layering, and so on in OpenTOonz.
No need for a tablet in that case, but it does take more work.

I do wonder: you mention you have no money for a tablet, so how are you going to finance ToonBoom? It is pretty expensive. Moho Debut has very nice 2d rigging tools, and is quite inexpensive. OpenTOonz is open source and free, and is very powerful animation software.

Aside from all this, another option is to use a vector illustration package (Inkscape, Illustrator, Affinity Designer) to draw your characters. Again, take a photo of your drawings on paper, import the photo of your drawing as a background, and trace the drawing with the pen tool. No need for a tablet in that case, and it results in very clean lines.

Next, import those drawings in TB, Moho, or OT, and start rigging.

I advice you to learn rigging yourself - ToonBoom, Moho, and OpenTOonz have many resources and tutorials related to that topic.

And another option is to work in Blender. There are some really nice 2d cut-out character tools available for it, and all for free.