can some one help me direct to a topic: difference between student edition and professional edition

many features are not there in student editions like:

  1. gradient edit tool
  2. color protection
  3. expand palette list.


i know its cheap version but useful for a learner.

Hi Joshcordi!

I imagine you want the differences between Essentials and Premium? I don’t think we have a student and professional version.

You can see the difference in the versions here:

Dear Kim

I mean i am a self learner and a student and i subscribe the students pricing one on essentials.

those features are not there. but when i read book written adam phillips it says its is harmony [essence to premium].

but in my lincensed pack the features are not showing.

pls help


As far as I know, there is no student “editions”, just different pricing for students. I think the features you mention should all be available in Essentials. Maybe you could try a Trial version of Essentials on a different computer to see if the same limitations occur. In any case, you can contact Toon Boom Support.

So, you mean that when going to the Tools toolbar menu under the Contour Editor you don’t have the Edit Gradient/Texture tool at the bottom, as shown at the beginning of this video?
And when you right-click on a colour swatch you don’t see the Protect Colour option? It’s the same when clicking on the icon with the three horizontal lines on the top left corner of the Colour tab and clicking on Colours?

The Adam Phillips book covers Animate, Animate Pro and Harmony, and was made based on version 10 of Harmony (version 11 came out when the book was already finished). Those Toon Boom products don’t match exactly Essentials, Advanced, and Premium but, in any case, those tools should be available on all current editions.

Luis Canau

yes luis

i checked the essential version for students vs the 21 days trial version- the prior has lmited options and seems to be basic options just for beginners.

i dont know why toon boom is doing - i think they should declare this clearly. now all my learnings half practically done.

thanks again luis for the intervention

It looks like you might have downloaded a trial license for a different tier of Harmony 14 and are comparing that to Essentials. Essentials “has lmited options and seems to be basic options just for beginners” <= your description of the software you received under the academic license fits Essentials. Please recheck the software you are comparing. The only difference in the Academic offering should be in the terms of the license and pricing. Otherwise they are identical. Either way, you have received the correct tier of Harmony. All you have to do is change your subscription to a different tier to get more features.

Adam Phillips’s book, Animate to Harmony: The Independent Animator’s Guide to Toon Boom, (not “Essentials to Premium” as you have misquoted in your earlier post), covers a different version of Harmony (10) which existed before the three-tier incarnation of Harmony was released. The software he refers to would be more like a Premium 10. There have been three major upgrades since then but the book will still be generally relevant enough to learn from for probably two more major upgrades. That will depend on the content of those upgrades.
"Software Offered

We offer the following software through the Program:

Toon Boom Harmony (You can purchase a single license of any Harmony edition offered, and you may upgrade from one Harmony edition to another as needs change. At any given time you can only be subscribed to a single Harmony edition.)

Toon Boom Storyboard Pro (You can purchase or subscribe to a single license of Storyboard Pro.)"