Can scripts be triggered outside of Haromony/Storyboard pro UI?

I am currently evaluating Storyboard pro and Harmony 2020, to see how how open ended their scripting/API capabilities are.

I’ve messed around with them for a few hours so far. For the life of me I cant Figure out to trigger scripts externally, outside of Haromony/Storyboard pro.

The docs mention loading scripts on to the scripts toolbar and then needing to click on them to trigger them. I cant seem to find a way to to associate a hotkey to a script nor launch a script externally, for example by double clicking .Js files in explorer.

I just want to rule this out before I go any further. Can I trigger scripts externally, or is scripting limited to that single toolbar? I should say, I have in mind scripts that I would call constantly, not just a one of. so delay/lag is important as well.

I have hardware, programs and tools in place. I want to use them to call .Js scripts externally. Thank you.