Can not return licence

I have a problem with returning a licence to activation server. I use licence wizard → menage licences → menage local lic as i normally do with other licences. Than I get the error: ‘Inactive license’ which is not true because it is working, Toon Boom opens just normally and works perfectly. Than I click ‘Viev intrernal FLEXnet error’ and get 'Operations error: 7284 Cannot perform support actions on inactive fulfillment record FID_[number, I dont know if i should show it?]. Incident# 2048-[another number]. Another difference is that the expiration date is not a date, it says ‘permanent’.
It is not the first time it happens, last time (still not solved but not needed) the licence is like ghost, it shows on the list and just hangs out there doing nothing. Harmony doesn’t work with it but the licence can be typed in other computers (and in this one again too) and works fine.
Is there anything I can do?

I came here cause I got the same “inactive” lisence in Haarmony. Was there a solution to this???
Thank you in advance.

This message appears when you have been issued a replacement license
in the past and instead of returning the replacement license, you attempt
to return the original one.

Please contact for more details regarding your

What does one do to return the inactive one? (I’m worried about getting into trouble from all of this.)