Can not open textures .tga files

When I open a new scene there is a warning with “No se ha podido abrir el archivo …pencil_texture_texture/23429358.tga para escritura” (something like… it is impossible to open the file …pencil_texture_texture/23429358.tga)
I can work on that scene but each time I save the project, the advert appears, and if I close the scene and open it again, toon boom can’t find some of the colors.
Inside the folder where I save the scene, there is another folder named “palette library” and then “pencil_textures_textures” and is this last one folder which is empty, and I think it shouldn’t.

Thank you <3

Did you find a solution to this? I’m having the same problem :frowning:

I think I know what it is, aparently Harmony dosent support “tildes”, I’m seen you have María as user name, in my case I have Sebastián as user name in my computer so if I work in a folder on the desktop inevitably its going to go throught the user folder wich in our cases have “tilde”. What fix the problem in my case was to stop working on my desktop and copy and paste my project to another disk that doesnt have any complicated characters for toon boom.

I hope this helps. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


I think that guha25 is right.
I had a similar problem when working on placed in a directory whose path contained special characters.

In your case the word “Animación” contained in the directory path is very likely to create the same error.