Can not find this Toolbar

There is a menu in the video tutorials of Harmony that is referenced and I can not seem to find it anywhere. Perhaps it is in a new place since the videos they have up are old versions of the software? In the screenshot and it is the Toolbar in the middle, it changes to whatever tool is selected at the time (here, the Brush). Thanks.

They’re options of the “Drawing View” toolbar.
Right-click in the toolbar area and select “Customize”
then move over the icons you want to the active area.

Thank you! I managed to replicate some of the tools. I wasn’t able to, but somehow (in the tutorial) she manages to have this area change as the tool changes. This is the tutorial I saw this in:
Thank you for your help.

Are you talking about the Advanced Tool Properties?
Click on the rectangular button with the triangle on it
that’s right next to the visual representation of the brush
stroke on the “Tool Properties” window.

No. Sorry… there is a Toolbar above the Timeline and it is dynamic. It is to the right of the Toolbar labeled, Drawing 1

As she clicks on different tools, this area (above the Timeline) changes to what she has selected. It also has two buttons that I haven’t been able to locate. The Show Stroke and (I believe) Show Line? I looked through all the Toolbars in the online help and it wasn’t there. There is one point in the middle of the video where she has both of these selections dark (selected) – when she is talking about showing strokes.

– As she selects Tools (and even temporary tools like using the space bar for the hand tool, it still changes)


Try right-clicking at the top of the timeline window and put a
checkmark on the timeline toolbar to activate it. Do it again
and select Customize… to add/remove icons from the timeline