Can Not Draw - Red Circle / Forbidden Sign.

Can Not Draw - Red Circle / Forbidden Sign.

Problem arises from startup.

Layer is selected.
Frame is selected.
Brush is selected.
Camera View or Drawing View - same problem.

Toonboom Harmony 12.
(I downloaded Harmony 15 but my trial period expired before I got a chance to open the app. - a friend gave me a trial of Harmony 12 in the meantime to learn before I fork out dollars on a programme that doesn’t work, or doesn’t work with me.)


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Are you trying to draw on an empty frame?

Try right clicking on the frame you are standing on the timeline and create a new drawing.

On the timeline, I have created a new Drawing layer, with Bitmap for Line Art, and Bitmap for Colour Art. - cant use ANY tools.

I right click in the actual frame on the timeline itself, and there is no option for “create new drawing” - but there is an option for “create empty drawing.” When I do this it makesa pink block on my timeline, and I still can not use ANY tool / draw.

the pink block in your timeline is your new drawing, but the tools should work in there, you have the problem with a tablet? a mouse? a mouse tablet? try with different devices in different monitors (if you have more than one)

Is your Display Mode set to Display All, not Display (default)?

Display Mode doesn’t appear on the timeline unless you go to the Main menu and click on Windows, select Toolbars and select Display to make that option appear, then you can select Display All.