can not draw in drawing mode help

so when i go under drawing mode and i move the curse over the drawing area it shows a red circle with a slash in the middle i tryed pressing on every thing and nothing is working >:( it just gave me a headache. drawing only works under camera mode but i need drawing mode to work can anyone help me plz???

Hi there. Have you clicked on which layer you want to draw on in the timeline?

omg how stupid am i :-[ lol thanks a lot im new to this program and im trying to teach myself i guess i had to click on the time line so i could draw on a specific layer. again thanks

No problem, glad I could help! :smiley:


Once more, I will plug the Animate and Animate Pro training videos. :slight_smile:

If you are new to the program, I recommend you taking a look at the following videos. It should give you a hand when facing these issues. They show the very basics of everything.


Im also extremely new to this programme and your advice didnt work for me unless im clicking in the wrong place.
Need help.