can not do windows resize in the hand draw animation screen

Hi, I am using a mac and I am watching the tutorial,
but when I want to see the brush pallete as it is shown in the tutorial, I swith to hand drawn animation screen, but I can not resize the size of that screen.
it is in full screen mode, but in mac the down part is used by the global icons, so I can not see or access the information in animate that is in the button part of the window because there is no a visible option to resize that display window.
this error happens too in the ‘compositing’ window


What is your screen resolution? Maybe you have to put it higher. When I use the Green + button to maximize the application I seem to always be able to get to the view’s content. Maybe you can have a screen grab so we can see better what you mean.

hi, the resolution is 1680x1050oops. I forgot to set the green button… after pressing that button the resize option appears constantly, before pressing that button the resize option didnt appear.thanks a lot ;D