can my workflow be simpler?

We are evaluating Storyboard Pro and Harmony, to see if we can use it in our video creation workflow. The idea was that our artist (who is not an animator) would use Storyboard as a drawing tool, and that we could export the scenes as vector, to then use at any scale without loss of detail in video editing software.

It seems that neither Storyboard Pro and Harmony can export vector graphics, other than SWF. But only from Harmony, which would mean that someone who is only going to use Storyboard would still have to subscribe to Harmony in order to get a SWF export.

So, with those restrictions, here’s the workflow:

Draw in Storyboard Pro.
Export to Toon Boom.
Open a scene in Harmony and export to SWF.
Import the SWF into Adobe Animate.
Export the SVG that we needed.

Is there a simpler path where someone could go from drawing in Storyboard to SVG without having to own Harmony and Adobe Animate?

Found out that where as Harmony has direct export to SWF, Storyboard has it as a movie format in the export movie section. That at least cuts out needing Harmony.

Being able to export to vector PDF would be handy. It seems to only export rasterized PDF. If I could do that I could skip the Adobe Animate stage too.