Can My File Be Fixed!? [E1201]

Hi everyone. Please lend me your aid… I’ll try to be brief.

I was working on a storyboard in Toon Boom Studio 7.
Unfortunately, my computer went through a wipe. Windows had to be restored and I lost an insane amount of files, including the folder containing the Toon Boom project I was working from.

Using one of those deleted file hard drive recovery tools (i forget which one exactly as this was a while ago) I was able to recover the Toon Boom project folder from the depths of the hard drive, beyond the wastebasket. The “Drawing” Folder has all the .TBD files and the .TBP file is intact. However, when I open it and Toon Boom opens (now using Studio 8) I get the following error messages -

What is causing it to say this? I have a bunch of old files that were made from software as early as TBS 5 and it can still be opened in TBS 8 so it cant be that. I can only imagine that the file recovery tool I used maybe didnt recover the file properly… which, if that is the case, is there a way to get it working? Is there a way to use the TBD files and load them into a new .TBP project? I’ve tried all kind of combinations but nothing works. Do the developers have a way to repair the file if it is sent to them?

Please let me know. Months of work went into the file so it would be extremely relieving if I can recover it.


Unfortunately that error is a generic message that is triggered by an assortment of conditions rather than what it specifically describes.

If you have ever purchased software to download and something has corrupted the file in the process you will see a similar message indicating the file cannot be opened as it is not a valid compression file. The error can mean something is missing or damaged. The only way to deal with it is to replace it by reattempting the download.

Maybe Toon Boom would be able to examine the file and recognize what is wrong however if you have no back up files the remedies are limited to none.

If it is important enough I would install version 7 and see whether it happens to have enough in common with the file to get beyond everything else.

Good luck.