can keyframed pegs set to 3D paths be changed to separate paths?

My question: could there possibly be a way to change the setting on pegs from 3D Path to Separate Paths, and retain the keyframes, or to somehow transfer the keyframe information?

I have tried many things before bringing it to the forum. I have searched previous discussion topics, as well as the documentation. My past experience tells me that if you change the peg settings from 3D path to Separate Paths, you lose all your keyframe information.

Context: I am modifying a turnaround rig that has been set up with all pegs on 3D path. It causes unwanted interpolation in Z space.

I have come up with a workaround, involving setting the tension to 1 in preferences, but it requires creating a keyframe in the timeline before posing, rather than just ‘select and move’ each part. Not such a bad workaround, but when you’re deep into a complicated scene, and you’ve forgotten, or didn’t know, it’s very messy to try and fix.

Moral of the story: use Separate Paths when setting up pegs for puppet parts?

I think it’s best to use separate positions for cut-out characters, due to more flexibility with working with keyframes on the Z axis, using 3D paths just for setup or trajectory pegs.

This can be set by default in the preferences (General tab, Settings).

Luis Canau

Thank you for that, yes, I understand about setting the default, and that Separate Paths is better for puppet rigs parts.

My question is whether it’s possible to change an existing, keyframed 3D Path peg to Separate Paths, and retain the keyframes?

Sorry, I was just commenting on your “moral of the story”. I don’t think that’s possible.

Have you checked the ‘Constant Z’ option? This can be applied on 3D paths and the result will be no interpolation on the Z axis even though you’re using a 3D path.

Luis Canau

Thank you, that’s great! I’ve been mining the help files for a while now, and haven’t yet come across that option. I will try!