Can it be done?

Can I import Toon Boom Studio characters to Toon Boom animate pro? Is it possible?
I found few characters in this website and wanted to use those for my next project.

I don’t have studio verion to check it out. I’ve also send an email to them too but haven’t received any replies from many days.


PS: Happy New Year

I can’t answer your question directly, because I don’t know. But I would also advise that you send Cartoon SOlutions asking if these are actually still available. Only because if you look at the navigation menu for their site, they don’t have ToonBoom on there anymore, and I’m willing to bet you found it by Googling or some other search engine, right?

Also, if it’s ToonBoom Animate character templates you’re looking for, may I reccommend they’re specific for ToonBoom Animate.

you can’t directly open studio files in Animate.

Some people import graphics by exporting to flash and then importing to animate but then you lose most of the scene info. (personally I haven’t done that but that is the workflow if you are interested).