Can I use tutorials for TBS with Animate??

I resently started using Animate. I’ve never worked with animation before… I can find a lot of tutorials and info about TB Studio and how to use it, but almost nothing on Animate…
Can I solve some/many/none of my basic “how-to-do” questions in Animate, by reading how you do it in Studio?

Like this site:

Is there any point spending time reading it, when using Animate??



Some basic animation concept might be interesting to know about from Toon Boom Studio but you should clearly focus on Animate learning material. The software is still young but you should still be able to find a good amount of material at the following link:

There should be more and more material created as the time goes from Toon Boom and outside resources so you should keep an eye out on the forum and the previously mentioned link.

Best regards.