can i use Storyboard pro 4 on Microsoft Surface Pro 3?

What is the minimum hardware needed to use storyboard Pro 4?
can i work with it on the Surface pro 3 with intel i5, 4Go RAM and 128 Go SSD?

J’aurais voulu savoir si je pouvais utiliser Storyboard Pro 4 sur la Microsoft Surface Pro 3?
Merci pour votre reponse!!

Fabrice CARRON

well i just got my surface pro 4 and tried storybaord pro on it and im having the same problem. I dont have storyboard pro 4 tho just 1. email support and see if they can help.

So this is an update from my last post . Without doing anything the line weights began to work have no idea how but I hope it stays

The surface pro 3 can very well handle storyboard pro

finaly i buy a surface pro 4 but i don’t know how to use the stylet…
i don’t have pressure on it…
how can i fix it??
if you know…

If you’re having pen pressure issues you need to turn off “QT Wintab” support.

Go to Preferences - Global UI - Use QT Wintab tablet support(requires restart)