Can I use my personal and non-exclusive license to do work for an organization?

Hi. I own a copy of Toonboom Studio 8. My license reads that I am granted a “personal” and “non-exclusive” right to use my toonboom software. I understand what those two terms mean practically, but not legally. If my license is non-exclusive, then I would assume I can use it for profit or nonprofit, for any use, as long as I use it myself (because my license is personal and not corporate). My question is, can I use my software FOR a corporation/company/entity if I am the only one who uses the software?

Please let me know if anyone out there knows about these technical mumbo jumbos.


I’ve always thought there are no restrictions to use TBS for commercial purposes, assuming you’re complying with a 1 seat per license usage model.

Too bad Toon Boom staff members are not very active in the forums to clarify.

Thank you for your input! I will see if I can contact Toon Boom staff directly