Can i use Harmony for much more than cartoons?

Hi, i just wanted to know if anyone here is using Harmony for more than just cartoons? I mean can it handle a large amount of imported bitmap files, as well as short video clips, in order to create animation beyond that of just cartoons?

Thanks for any and all feedback…


I would say that while Harmony has pretty decent compositing tools, I would stick with something like after effects if you are doing lots of live action footage comped in with motion graphics. AE just has a much more rich tool set that is better suited to deal with all the different codecs and footage out there. AE also plays a bit more nicely with photoshop docs in that it preserves any masks and layering made there without the need to put things in folders like harmony does. AE is just built to handle that type of stuff better. sorry toonboom, gotta give it to adobe on this one :slight_smile:

all that said i have almost completely replaced AE in my pipeline with harmony.

QUOTE: “i have almost completely replaced AE in my pipeline with harmony”

Lol, yeah, Harmony is pretty awesome. It’s just that i love all that Harmony can do, so far, regarding it’s FX modules, deformers, and 3D/2.5D capability. And AE can’t animate the way Harmony does, i wouldn’t think, once the frame count starts adding up (i heard AE is great for short animations and such, but not long).

BUT, can’t AE do some stuff Harmony can’t do, stock out of the box, without all the plugins that’s available? I don’t know what Harmony can do just yet, as i bought it only three months ago. I’m presently saving up for AE (your reply pushed me over the cliff i was going to probably jump anyway :slight_smile: ). Anyway, thanks for the reply Frank!