Can I use bitmaps with auto lip sync

Hello everyone,

I am very new to toonboom harmony, and using a trial version deciding if I want to buy it. I have been watching tutorials on setting up the auto lip sync, but all of the tutorials seem to be dealing with vector drawings that have been created in Harmony. I am trying to use bitmaps I have created in photoshop, and for this project, I cant do it any other way besides using these bitmaps… I would love if someone could tell me if its possible to use individual, imported bitmaps in conjunction with auto lip sync, or does everything I use for this feature have to be vector…? I don’t need a full tutorial, just want to know if I am using the wrong program for this, and if so, if any other program does bitmap auto lip syncing, by assigning an image to each phoneme. Thanks so much to anyone and everyone for reading and responding.

Hello Tony,

Thank you for trying our software!

The main reason why you see most tutorials using vector drawings rather than bitmap is likely because a lot of the work done with our software is done in vector format for easier scalability.

While I am personally not an expert in our software, by all accounts auto lip sync should work with bitmap drawings! You can follow our documentation to learn how to generate, map and modify our automatic lip-sync feature here:

Just to be safe, I’ve also asked one of our internal Toon Boom Harmony experts if I am wrong about this, and if I am I will update this post!

Since you are just getting started with our software, I highly recommend the free learning available on our Learn Portal here:

I also recommend joining the Toon Boom Discord community so you can get quick answers to questions such as these in the future! You can join our Discord here: