can I use a drop shadow with a cut-out?

Shadows can be used with Onion Skin when all the character art is on one layer, but is there a way of using a drop shadow with cut-out characters, can’t be expected to put a shadow on each cut-out part if it would work

Either use “Apply-Peg-, or “Image-Transformation” both should work.
Connect them as shown in the Node View:

Applying Highlight and Tone as well ?
Try something like this:

Or try the new Light Shading feature…

is there a tutorial that shows how it can be done? I may find out if it works but it might take a lot of time to figure this out, the drop shadows in toon boom studio where a lot easier to use, even though they are only practical certain types of scenes

Well, as far as I know, the drop-shadow possibilities in Animate/Harmony are “slightly” more advanced
than in Toon Boom Studio…? But, still very easy to apply.

Nevertheless, which version of Harmony are you using ?

I could not find anything in the user guides that explain using a drop shadow effect with cut out animation, or you can just make a black ellipse and lower the opacity I guess, or if you don’t mind you can duplicate your rig and duplicate your color palette and use color tint to make all the art black and lower the opacity and if it works use a blur node, I would rather try something if I know it can work though instead of spending hours to find out

If you like, here is a short video demonstration:
(no sound, it’s all very easy and straight-forward)