Can I upgrade cross OS?

I use PC. I think about buy Toon Boom Animate Pro 2, but in next few year if I Use OSX and Toon Boom release Animate 3. Can I Upgrade cross OS to Mac OSX?

And now why don’t have upgrade Animate Pro to Animate Pro 2 in Online store. ???

Yae, Animate Pro 2 is for sale in the online store now. The little badge on the picture says ‘version 2 coming’ but if you click ‘buy now’ you can purchase version 2.

When you purchase Animate Pro 2 in the online store you have the option of buying either the Mac or Windows version, no matter which OS you currently have a license for. So if in a few years you decide to make the switch from using AP in Windows to OSX it should be no problem at all.

That U mean I can Upgrade cross OS for example I use Animate Pro 2 on Windows and then I can upgrade to next version of Animate Pro 2 to Mac.

And License of Toon Boom between OS is same if I buy Animate Pro 2 license for PC I can change to Animate Pro 2 license for OSX certainly if I change main OS. right? ???

Yes that’s what I mean. If you use Windows with the current version of Animate Pro and upgrade to a newer version you should be able to buy a license for Mac OSX no problem.

But if I change OS in same TB version will I must buy new license for OSX? or not?

This is getting tricky, I would wait for Lily to help you out…


The licenses are not OS specific. Therefore you can use it on both Mac and Windows (as long as it is not activated on more then one machine at a time). If you want to change machine after you have purchase you simply need to return your license from the first machine and activate it on the other one afterward.

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Oh! :smiley: if like that you said
Why I must choose OS when purchase.

or In a box CD include both Windows and Mac OSX.


The backup DvD has both the DMG and the exe to install on both OS. The fact you choose an OS at purchase is more of a statistic thing for tracking. In the past there use to be OS specific licensing but this has been changed to allow users to easily swap between hardware.

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