Can I update or refresh an image once it's been imported into a layer?

I’ve created an animation in Toon Boom Studio using a .psd file, which I’ve imported into a layer. I want to change the image slightly using photoshop. Once I’ve done this, is there a way to update the layer so it shows the new version of the image, or do I need to re-import it and then re-animate it to do this?

Thanks for your help

It is not the safest way but first close Toon Boom Studio. And then go to saved project folder/Scene-xxx/Bitmap/ and check the name of the file in a pattern (ex <colume_name>-<drawing_name>.extenstion) and then replace it with new image with same file name and format and then open the project again since the image is read when opening project. As for the name, if the image you are about replacing is TGA under dog column and named as 1 in x sheet in Scene 1, the folder and drawing name you are looking for will be /<saved_project_name>/Scene-001/Bitmap/dog-1.tga.

Looks complicated but I’ll have a go…