Can I share libraries between Animate and AnimatePRO

Is there a way to get both Animate and AnimatePRO to share the same library items?

I have a bunch of things I created in Animate which I can open in AnimatePRO but I can’t seem to use them as Libraries.

I tried the ‘Open Library’ command in the Library (I was trying to get AnimatePRO it to ‘see’ the Animate Library), but I got the structure of the Libraries (frames, jobs, palettes, etc) without the actual content (the Templates).

thank you,

Same happened to me when I was dragging a template to the screen (drawing area), all layers were in place but no content. But when I dragged it to the layers window and drooped there everything appeared as normal :stuck_out_tongue:

Hi Vadik
when I open a Library there isn’t really anything to drag. That is, there’s the project Hierarchy with all its folders and subfolders as separate parts, but nothing that looks like templates.
And even if I try to drag that, either as a whole or in its various pieces, nothing happens no matter where I drag it to. Humm … ???

Humm … When I upgraded to Pro all worked for me except Symbols which I could open only in the project I created them in. :-\

Yes. Of course one can always cross-open projects, but my hope here was to share ore or more common libraries (at least one-way, that is A libraries seen from within APRO).


Maybe I am wrong here, but when you try to open the library, what folder are you trying to open?

Are you trying to open the folder called “sometemplatename.tpl”?
The *.tpl folder is the actual template and you should not try to open this folder.
You should select the parent folder containing the *.tpl folder.

It is a common mistake and I was wondering if it is what you are doing.

For example, if you are trying to open the templates inside the default Animate library located in your documents, browse to the folder containing the Toon Boom Animate Library folder, click on it once, then click on the Open button. Do not enter the Toon Boom Animate Library structure.

Anyway, I hope this helps you solving your issue and that my explanation is understandable.


Er… this is embarrassing but I might as well confess… :slight_smile:
I was - er - trying to open the library from the actual project instead of from the libraries in my Documents Folder. (blush)

So, yes, of course now I can share the libraries.

thanks for the answer Marie-Eve (and sorry for the futile question) :slight_smile:

No worries!

Glad you resolve your issue. Don’t be embarrassed, this post may turn out to be useful to some other people trying to do the same thing! :slight_smile:


Are you working with Animate 2 and Animate Pro 2? If one of them is version 1, and the other is version 2, then the libraries may not be compatible. If you let us know what versions you’re working with I can run some tests and ask support whether they are supposed to be compatible.