Can I set layer opacity ?


I’ve just download Toon Boom studio 5 Demo. First feeling is good. But is it possible to set layer opacity ?

If someone knows, thanks for your answer.

Yes, You can.
In the timeline, add a new element/color transform element - the layer which opacity you want to set must subordinate the colour transform element - then you can set and animate the alpha.

Look at the TBS help file page 465.

You can also set the alpha of a colour in the colourpalette (style).
Sorry for the bad english.

Thank you, for your answer.

My png file have transparents parts. My picture represent a man, and around the man the picture is transparent.

When I use additive or multiplicative alpha the transparent part of my picture become grey.

So, is there a way to set my png file opacity without having transparent part becoming grey ?

Thanks in advance for any advise.

You’re right, that does not seem to work. Awful, bad, sad.
The only way in my opinion is to create multiple graphs with different values of transparency in the graphics program. Then this sequence you can import in Toon Boom Studio. In Cells-window you can select them individually - like an amination sequence.
I miss some effects, and ways to edit bitmap images in Toon Boom Studio, too!!!
I hope for a great update of Toon Boom Studio so mutch!

Thanks for your answer.

Toon boom seems to be a good software, but I really need to set opacity on my png file. So Toonboom doesn’t suit my need.

I’ve also tried “anime studio” (smith micro).

I will now choose between “flipbook” (Digicell) and “TV paint” they are not perfect but they allows to set layer opacity

Thanks again for your help

Hello, I read the previous post and understand the disappointment of not being able to apply transparency to its PNG, but the good news is that images can be transparent and done in a progressive mode seamlessly with Toon Boom Studio, without having to import each phase transparency separately. We’ll have it the disadvantage of not being able to directly preview the effect as it would be a vector drawing, but we can go check the result in quick preview or scene preview (the better), to have a clear idea of what is happening.
First, convert the image element in vector, second, create a color transform element layer, then drag your image element onto the color transformation layer. Next, with the red cursor on a keyframe timeline of this effect, move a multipicative or additive cursor alpha in the properties panel to the left, the further to the left, the greater the transparency. Never do center to right, since it will have no result. You will not see changes in camera view, but will see them in quick preview and of course when rendering. Investigate and good results. Yoryo.

yes, this works. Thank you.
I miss a good preview - and the tools for manipulating bitmaps.

Thanks for this answer.

Unfortunately, when I convert the image element in vector, the result is not very good. I also tried to “import and vectorize”. I tried the five options and several threshold, but I can’t get a good result.

Toon Boom, is a great soft, but it seems to be too much vector oriented for me.

Quote: Unfortunately, when I convert the image element in vector, the result is not very good. I also tried to “import and vectorize”. I tried the five options and several threshold, but I can’t get a good result.

To convert a image element in vector, there should be no difficulty in doing so, and their quality is good if the image resolution is appropriate to your proyect settings, perhaps might have something to resolve in the memory allocation preferences of Toon Boom Studio or the video card’s hardware. For use Import and Vectorize you must create a drawing element and check the option ¨with texture¨ in the Import and vectorize settings. This will create a new color in the color palette containing the imported image with which you can¨paint¨vector shapes closed in texture mode. It can also be transparent and cut without problem. Do not use for these cases the black and white option, since this option converts an image to vector lines in black and white from a scanner for example. Of course Toon Boom Studio is a vector oriented software with bitmap capabilities. Best Regards. Yoryo.

To convert a image element in vector, is a dificult task. With 72 dpi pictures the result can’t be perfect even with the best software on earth.

I’ve stoped testing, Toon Boom. It’s a great software, 3D camera animation is simple and powerfull.

As you say, Toon Boom, is a vector oriented software, but I will only work with bitmap picture, so this very good soft, is not adapted to my project. If one day I decide to work with vector picture, I will certainly choose Toon Boom.