Can I reset brushes to original settings?

Hi everyone,

Just starting to plow thru the tutorials for Harmony,and boy did I make a mess. In a matter of moments I somehow got overly clicky and deleted the eraser setting and brush 1 out of the list. Is there any way to get the original settings back?? I deleted the program, the preferences out of the library, re downloaded the software for the server, re registered my license and somehow all the settings were exactly how I messed them up.

Any ideas??

Also, what got me going down the path on clicking everything is I was trying to make a dynamic brush and no matter how many times I clicked on the dynamic brush tool, nothing happened. I am on a mac, anyone else have that problem??

Ok, I completely deleted EVERYTHING and reinstalled the software and started from scratch, so that takes care of the disappearing brushes.

I still have no idea why the dynamic brush is not working, I followed the video tutorial to a T, is there a bug with the mac??

Hi fineartist

It should be very straightforward.
Create a new drawing/cell, draw the “stamp” of the new dynamic brush in the middle of the frame. Go to the tool properties window and press the second icon to the right of the brushselector. The icon shows a brush with a small D above it. When you now draw you draw with the new dynamic brush.

Looked it up in the help section. There it tells another way by selecting excisting drawings. That didn’t work on my computer either. I am on a mac too.

Please tell if you manage.


Hi Ivaar,

I found a way around it… go into the help menu at the top and click on debug mode. I found I could create the brushes I wanted, then click it off when I was done. Worked perfectly!! I was in the camera view when I created everything I wanted.

Hope this helps