Can I render and export drawings that go off camera?

I have begun to try and use Blackmagic Fusion as a compositing software for my scene in Toon Boom Harmony, but I am having one really big issue.

When exporting my scene and importing into Fusion, it seems I can only export what is within the camera view in Toon Boom. If that’s the case, how do I go about exporting my full scene, including drawings that go out of camera view? Is it possible to export a full scene, including drawings that go off the camera?

UPDATE: In case anyone who’s a noob in animation like I am comes by this thread, I would just like to encourage you to look into compositing software if you haven’t already, as it has greatly improved the quality of my work, specifically Blackmagic Fusion. I’m sure this is an obvious thing for animators to look into and use, but I figure if there’s anyone out there who’s like I was, thinking they don’t need compositing software, I’d like to give 'em a push in the right direction!

Here’s a link to how my scene looks now using the compositing software Blackmagic Fusion, comparing it to the image posted below which was rendered in Toon Boom, the increase in quality is clear.

You wouldn’t create the entire scene in Harmony, but merely the animated elements: character(s), animated foreground elements, etc. You import all of these in Fusion, and assemble your scene with camera(s). An alternative approach is to recreate the scene you have in Fusion - using the Harmony scene as a quick mockup, which enables you to create the animated elements in Harmony within context.

Or render out entire layers of animation in Harmony (at camera size) and keep that relative size intact in Fusion.

Trouble is, there are many approaches in how to tackle this. It really depends on the particular scene, requirements, etc.

Would you be able to post screenshots of what you are trying to achieve?

So anything animated I would render out in harmony and then import into Fusion, while any stills like the background and land and stuff i just export an image and import that?

I have posted a full scene screenshot, obviously the scene still needs a lot of work, but that’s what I’m working with. I was going to upload a picture of where I’m going to normally have the camera, but that image exceeds the file size for posting on here.

You could use a service such as tinypic instead to upload your image(s). Then post the link here.

Here’s the link to the default camera view, the camera may go a little further in than this, and upwards a little more to show the sun for the intro, but other than that this is the main camera distance/view that I plan on working with for this scene.

Do you think it’d be easier and or better for me to just render out flat images in Toon Boom, and then set those images up in like a 3D scene inside of Fusion, or would I then just run into the same problem where it’d start running really slow again? As in like getting rid of the quadmapped fences and stuff and then instead placing them along the z-axis in Fusion, rather than attempting to make it look like its going along the z-axis using the quadmaps in Toon Boom.

I feel like doing that would make it look much better overall, and be far easier to set up the scene, but I’m just not sure if that’d be a good way to go about this or not.