Can I re-use complete scenes?

I’m working with Toon Boom Studio 4 and am making a series. Since I have just started with making regular (weekly?) series, I suppose I’ll need to re-use the intro. Now, I have already created the intro. I just need to find a way to put it before every episode without rebuilding the whole thing from the library in peaces.


Try this:
Drag your complete “Intro” into a “Master-Peg”… Close that Peg…
Then drag that Peg into the Global Library… Save Global Library…
From the Library drag it back into any project you wish…


Hey! Thanks. That worked well, and I also exported the intro as a .sfw file and imported it in front of the new episode. That’s also a good method.

Thanks a lot,


If you are using an outside program to assemble your scenes once you have exported/rendered them, you could simply export/ render your intro then after rendering your next project just assemble with the outside program.

I use Roxio Pro which is a bit complicated I have seen mention of better programs for this purpose. Adobe Elements is good too.