Can I post my entry on YouTube?

Now that the contest is over, is it possible to post my entry–Green Gas–on my YouTube channel.

I would also like to add mine to my folio.

Could we request to get a Hi res version of our animations without the logo’s on it?

Along the same line as Manatoonz’s question, is there any way to open a PLE file in Animate Pro? I tried simply renaming the extension to ANIM but it doesn’t work.

Aside from this particular contest, it seems a shame that any and all work done in PLE is unusable once you have the full software.

Since no one ever answered this thread and Myouterspace put the unwatermarked version of my entry online with options to Share, I posted it on my YouTube channel here:

Thanks, Lily!

There is no way to open a PLE file in the full version of the software. We have to do this to protect the software.

Congratulations again on the win!