can I migrate from XP to Vista, or XP to Mac?

I bought version 3.5 recently and am getting to know it on my XP PC.

However, I am currently considering either an upgrade to Vista or a switch to a Mac.

If I make either of these moves, will I have difficulty re-installing?


vista installation should work as well (correct me anybody from tb team, if i’m wrong), but a mac installation is a fully different file. you’d have to purchase the license separately, or you talk to the tb sales for some arrangement.

Thanks Gester.

I ran a piece of software from Microsoft which assessed my machine for a Vista Upgrade and it flagged about six programs which it said would no longer work if I upgraded to Vista.

Not a great advertisement for Vista - but Toon Boom was not one of the programs flagged.

However, what I am doing is slightly different. I am thinking of getting a completely new machine with Vista and using my Toon Boom 3.5 exe on it.

Could the Toon Boom staff weigh in on this and state officially whether that will work?

Hi Gray,

Nothing yet is official but we are currently working on it. So far, the patch to be released by the end of the month is working fine under Vista 32bits. As for the 64bits OS we are still working on it.

So for the moment all that can be said is that Toon Boom Studio v3.5 should be functional on Vista. I cannot say much more concerning this since it is still underwork but you should have a clearer answer once the patch is out.

Best regards,


okay, thanks.

Hello good people,

Please forgive me if I should have posted this in a new thread called, “Toon Boom Studio vs. Vista”.

I upgraded WinXP Pro (SvcPk2…) to Vista Ultimate (32bit version on P4 2.8Ghz, 1.5GB RAM).

I purchased Toon Boom Studio v3.5 and Storyboard V1. Storyboard Installed on Vista. Toon Boom Studio will not install on Vista.

Here’s the sad dialogue that appeared after Install Shield tried…


[ OK ]

No, it’s not “OK”. It’s dissapointing for Microsoft to sneak out an OS over night without any advanced notice whatsoever to software developers who are in business to sell their software to users who expect to use the software.

Ideas, suggestions, LINKS? Anyone…?


BTW Vista has had issues (I planned on that; I’ve used MS since DOS and through EVERY iteration–don’t ask). Vista recovers very quickly and returns from a blue screen/restart to the exact settings, programs and documents open as when it crashed. I guess we Bill Gates’ Beta Testers can expect a kinder, gentler OS crashing experience from now on.


Did you download the latest patch? The former release of Toon Boom Studio was not compatible with Vista (Vista didn’t exist at the time). Although the new service pack is compatible with the OS and you should not get the error message you have while installing.

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Hello Ugo,

Thank you for the fast response.

Can I install from the patch?

Most patches require the application to be installed first.

I’ll download it this evening and give it a shot on Vista.



In fact our patch are full installer so you do not need to have any prior install to run them.

Best regards,



Cool… thank you!