Can I make money using Toon Boom Studio?

I have decided that Studio is WAAAAYYYYY better than flash and I want to use this software for animation as a career. I have the trial version and I want to make money with the full version but I don’t know if it’s a commercial software. Can I make money with Studio? Thanks in advance.

Toon Boom Animation Pro

Is the much better option if you want professional grade animations. The tools in that software are much more advanced that TB Studio.

That said I am also just using Studio at the moment :frowning:

But I can still make money with studio? Because I only have the money for that. If Animate is the better software, I’ll make money with Studio (if it’s a commercial software) and save that money and buy Animate Pro.

Well there’s nothing to stop you from making money with just a pen, some paper and a camera.

I think the “commercial”/“personal” labels are simply guidelines to indicate what kind of features each program has.