Can I make changes to a copied cell/frame w/o effecting the original?

Is there a way to copy and paste a frame/cell and make changes with out effecting the original frame/cell? essentially I want to create a new frame/cell using the old one as a base.

like dividing up a frame in flash by hitting f6 (creating a keyframe)

For example I want to animate a person turning their head. I want to do one drawing, copy it and paste the same image at the end. the end image I want to reposition the head facing the opposite way. The would keep my drawings consistent and cut down on drawing time.

The way studio works so far, the copied frame is linked to the original so anything changed also effects the original. I can see where that would be helpful, but not for what i need it to do. Is there any way to unlink them or am I doing something wrong?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Select your drawing / Edit / Copy, or command+C (Mac)…
Move the cursor to the new frame / Edit / Paste New Object, or shift+command+V (Mac)…

So i guess command+v just keeps the images linked and shift+command+V doesn’t. weird. Thanks!

I too have been needing this answer! Thank you so much!

Hi, I’m also interested in this topic, for Animate Pro2
Is there a way to extend exposure of the drawing with divided cells? It would really speed up the work, if i want just to change it slightly, istead of the must of clicking cmd+ v all over again

Thanks for respose!

Would you like to repost your question in the Animate Pro Forum?
The forum you and I are both posting in now is the one for Studio, and Animate is a wholly different program, and not the same base pgm with different features. :slight_smile: