Can I lock a bone temporarily?

Is there a way to lock a bones’ registration point temporarily?
I’m talking about temporarily locking the position of a foot to the ground. I’m sure this is something virtually everybody working with digital cutout on characters with deformed legs would like to hear about.

You can lock something using IK nails but there are several ways to achieve the same ends (making a reference mark on the BG or layout, using the Onion Skin feature for reference)

Thanks for the tip. But then for a lot of movements you end up having to animate each frame due to the lack of IK controls or locking on bones. Would be a time saver with IK nails on bones.

Hi Palegolas

Another solution is shown by Lilly in these videos. You can make identical individual drawings (duplicate drawing) on the same layer and rig them differently. By changing the direction of the deformer working from foot and up the foot will stay firm at the ground. To change rig just swap the drawing.


Here are the videos:

Thanks, sounds like a decent workaround.

Feature request:
Best thing would be a hierarchy free IK mode in bones (and IK) where any joint could be locked at any time and any joint could act as parent at any time. Just like in real cut out. You just put your finger on the one you want to lock :slight_smile: