can I install on more than 1 computer


thanks for any info, I have a main pc an a netbook I Use when away from home, can I install and use toon bom studio v6 on both, I will not be using both at the same time, as a hobbyist, I want to use TBS v6 when im away from home…

couldn’t find the info any here so thanks for any info…


As far as I know, one has to deactivate the license first on one computer,
before installing the same license on the other computer…
This can be done fast and easy via the internet with the License-Wizard…


I’d just like to confirm or deny this. I have a Desktop and a laptop which I would like to install TBStudio 7 on (have just bought). Only one instance of the program would ever be used at a time - the laptop when I am on the move - the PC when I am home.

Is this possible?

I can’t address the license issue, but looking at the requirements for Toon Boom Studio I don’t think it will run on a netbook. My netbook, a HP Mini 311, is just to underpowered to run Toon Boom.

By default there are two activations possible at any one time with TBS though you can install the software on many computers. You only have two license tokens so if you wish to work on a third computer, you need to return the license from one of the two computers where the license is already active.