Can I Increase the Size of Icons / Change Workspace Resolution?

Hey guys. Having a great time learning the ropes in the basic tutorials but one silly issue I’m having is how hard it is for me to see all the buttons and tool icons, (in the program itself let alone the low res videos)-- they seem substantially smaller and harder to make out than in TBS. I’m sure it’s something I can eventually get used to but if there’s a way to increase their size it would help me a lot in this infant stage. Perhaps this will be a nonissue when if I could invest in a large HD monitor. Full disclosure, my glasses aren’t so great either!

Any way to do this? Thanks guys.

I don’t know about doing it inside the software but on a Mac at least you could press Control and scroll with the mouse to zoom in on the entire screen, keep a magnifying glass handy, change the resolution on your monitor (if supported), and you could learn keyboard shortcuts so you cut down on reading toolbar icons (there is not a shortcut for everything though), in addition to replacing your monitor.

You could also get a pair of eyeglasses for the computer. I have a pair for driving, reading and painting at an easel (the canvas surface being the span of an arm holding a brush away). There is a distance that I can see clearly without help about where a monitor typically sits but sometimes I use the reading glasses and just move closer to the screen. I will probably have a set made for the computer eventually. If you get eyeglasses choose high quality lens material. I tried lower quality for the reading glasses and distortion was detrimental to creating art. Everything bulged and there were no straight lines. The prescription was wrong and so I replaced them with high quality material and was surprised that there was only a fraction of distortion. I had thought it was from the magnification required for reading and unavoidable.

I completely agree with you about the tutorial videos warsaint777! Because the videos are low res the tools, menus etc are blurred and I also find they take FOREVER to load (I’m in Australia, in a rural area and our broadband is ancient and shitty). What I do instead is watch Toon Boom’s videos on YouTube. It depends on which videos you want, but you can find most of them there on Toon Boom’s channel.
As for Harmony itself, I don’t have a problem there but I use a large monitor.

Thanks guys, yeah I guess I’ll have to work my way up to a bigger monitor and some special “reading” glasses. :smiley: