Can I hide the "black triangle thumbnail generator button" of network view node icons?

Hello. I am using Animate Pro 2.
As my topic title says, Can I hide that black triangle button?

I always click “yellow square property buttons” to see properties of nodes in network view,and I click that black triangle button by mistake, because those two buttons sit next to each other, and once I click that triangle button, Animate Pro stops. Literally Stops. Animate Pro gets hung up nearly 1 minute to render small thumbnails.(yeah Too small to check what a node contains inside it. It’s useless for me!) It’s ridiculous. I don’t want to wait 1 minute to see small network view thumbnails. Please help me. This small black triangle button is really time-consumer.

It’s not possible to hide this triangle. If your system is getting hung-up on generating the tiny thumbnail image then it’s likely that your graphic card may be underpowered for getting the optimum use/experience out of the software.

If you’re on Window 7 or Vista, disable the Aero desktop theme by right-clicking the desktop, selecting “Personalize” and scrolling to the bottom to select one of the “Basic & High Contrast” themes instead. This can actually make quite a noticeable difference in the performance of the software.

Thank you. I already disabled Aero, but now my pc won’t hang up. I don’t know what solved the problem. I unchecked Preference setting,“General - Auto Render” Option, and checked it again, and My pc stop hanging up.

Maybe you had the Camera window set to the “Render View” instead of the “OpenGL View”. Full renders of a frame take significantly more time than the OpenGL render so that could make it seem like your system is hanging.