Can I export drawings as PDF or into Indesign

If I create some drawings in Studio and then I want to copy one of the characters (drawings) into Adobe Indesign? Can I do that so then I can type text around the drawing in Indesign?

I can help with the first part. You can export a single drawing. I’ve done it as a picture file, not PDF, so that I could add text and effects in another drawing program.


Would you be able to let me have more details.

If, for example, I create a character design, I would like to use a still image of this character to make a worksheet.

Therefore, I would need to copy and paste it somehow and place it into another programme to write around it.

I need to be able to make A4 size documents with my image (drawn in Studio) and then text and questions etc typed around it.

Any help would be so much appreciated.


Have you tried File > Export Movie then select “Image Sequence” from the drop-down menu. You can then click on the “Options” button next to the Custom drop-down menu and set what type of image you would like to render to. If you only want to render that one frame, then just select that frame in the range selection below.

Does that give you what you need?

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