Can I drag one scene to another?

is it possible to drag one scene into a different scene list? and is it possible to copy a scene? I’m very sorry for all the questions :stuck_out_tongue: anyway thanks for the help you all gave me before :smiley:

Please have a look at this answer by “Rob Campbell”:

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Re:copying a scene
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I once did a movie where I did this the hard way…

All you have to do is create a peg in your timeline, then drop everything else (even the camera and other pegs) onto the new master peg. Do this by selecting all your elements in the timeline and dropping them onto the new peg. This way they keep their order and should also keep their properties. Then collapse the master peg so all its subordinate parts are hidden and drop it in the global library. When you want to use the scene again, drag it from the global library to a fresh scene.

Hope that works”

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I see what you mean :smiley: THANKS!

One problem with the library is it doesn’t remember camera settings. I find I have to reprogram all my camera stuff.

did you include the camera element and its parent peg with your other elements when you attached them to the main peg to create your scene template? -JK