Can I do these effects in toonboom animate pro?

How do I make animation effects that are easy to do in after effects?
here are a few examples

There are so many effects that I can do in after effects. (just with drawings, illustrations).

If you go to a place like, you would see quite a few of these effects.

Here are a few examples:


Logo stings:



Can I do these with toonboom animate pro?

I think a lot of those effects can be attained in Animate however there are no preset/ready-made modules that you can do it for you automatically. Having said that, Animate is not specifically designed to do these sort of effects. It is primarily for animating characters and that is where it’s strength is and it outshines AE. On the other hand, AE is primarily for the effects you mention and, while it can be used for character animation, it is not its strong point.

I think most animators use a combination of tools to get the results they want. Personally, I use Harmony for all my animation work, Particle Illusion for special effects, Sony Vegas for compositing and scene transitions, etc.

  1. What if I want to animate illustrations or infographics?

  2. I don’t use Harmony. I have animate pro. Would that limit me ?

  3. you said you use sony vegas for scene transistions. Can’t i do these using animate pro?

  1. You can animate any bitmap or vector drawing.
  2. Harmony offers you particle effects which would be an advantage over Animate so, yeah, it would limit you in that respect.
  3. Yes, you can do scene transitions in Animate but it is much easier to do it with some sort of video compositing software. Then you just build up your animation scene by scene and string them together with the timing and transitions you want.