Can I copy a pivot position?

I desperately need a way to do a pivot copy/pivot paste. It would speed up my workflow immensely not to need to duplicate pegs and rename them all the time. I know that you can script this, since I’ve worked at a studio where there was a script for it, but I was hoping that it has been added into 12?

Fingers crossed!

Okay, so now I’m on Harmony 14. Is there a way to copy and paste a pivot position yet, that isn’t paste special? Specifically, PEG pivots. I turn off all pivots on my drawings.

I miss my keyboard shortcut. It was beautiful and amazing. memories

Please please please tell me that this is something that Toonboom has added to 14.

Thank you!


are you sure that it was a script that you were using at the studio you’d worked for?

I’m asking because I was sure that it was not possible to assign a keyboard shortcut to a script.

I’m pretty sure it was a script, since it wasn’t a custom module or anything. Either that, or our TD was magic (spoilers: he was).

Are there other ways to customise harmony, besides scripting? Because I know that this is not something that is native to 10, 12, or apparently 14, but I could do it.

AND I NEED IT SO BADLY. Without some of the other custom modules we used, I need to have double pegs on hands, lower arms etc, and those pivots have to be exactly the same.

I’m duplicating the pegs right now (which was another custom shortcut in 10, one of which isn’t native to that version of the program) but that means I have to rename them. And if I change the pivot, I have to duplicate and rename again.

It takes so much time, when I could JUST control+shift+C and control+shift+V before.


I’m not sure that I understand what you need to do. :slight_smile:

Would you mind showing us a screenshot of your node view?

No prob!

Okay, so the problem with how harmony pegs work is that each transformation you do is passed on down to the pegs lower in the hierarchy. That means that if I skew a lower arm (to make it look like it is coming forward in perspective, perhaps), it will also skew the hand, which I would then have to go in and manually unskew.

Here is the hierarchy for that:

(Not sure if these pictures will actually post, we’ll see?)

And this is the result from skewing the lower arm on that single peg:

Here is one with the double peg system:

And here is the result with skewing on the lower arm on the peg that is only affecting that drawing, instead of both it and the hand:

Here’s the quickly drawn arm at rest, so you can see how the lower arm looked sans skewing:

So, when I parent up from the peg that only controls the lower arm and the upper arm (mistakenly said the hand before as well, that one is fine whoops) I need that pivot to be EXACTLY the same, otherwise things will be harder for the animator to work with. Having pivot copy+paste would be SO GOOD, and I know it is possible. I just don’t understand why, four editions later, it STILL isn’t in the program.

(Also let me set my default composite to passthrough! WHO EVEN USES BITMAPS REGULARLY? please think of the poor comp people!!! But that’s another complaint.)


now, I understand what you need to do and why you need to do it.

For instance, the only solution that comes to my mind is to do what auramancer_12 said:
manually copy and paste the values of the pivot’s x- and y- axis from the ‘Layer Properties’ window of the ‘Upper_Arm-P’ to the ‘Layer Properties’ window of the ‘Upper_Arm-P_1’.
Which works not that bad actually. :slight_smile:

I think that this could be done via a script as well. But, I’m still wandering if you really had a script (as normally there is no possibility to link scripts to keyboard shortcuts).
That’s why I would like to know if you really ran this functionality via a keyboard shortcut or via a button (which would mean that it was a script).

At present, there is no build-in possibility to set the composite module to ‘pass through’ by default. But, you could have a look at this script to change the composite mode of several composite modules at one go.

Thank you for your solution! it is still too much work, unfortunately. Toonboom needs to get on this.

I can’t tell you what it was exactly, since I didn’t build it. All I know is that somehow, we had the ability to set keyboard shortcuts to things that were not included in the program. If it wasn’t a script, I couldn’t tell you what it was, since I don’t know how to do it.

I guess all that our TD did was figure out a way to access that information, and let me set a shortcut to it. How does one do this, other than scripting? Because maybe it would be a good thing for me to learn.

Thank you for the link, I will look into that! Harmony needs to get on this, because bitmap composites are not good.


no I don’t see another way to do so than scripting.

Perhaps the Toon Boom team can tell us if there is a built-in function that we don’t know and which your TD had simply assigned to a keyboard shortcut.

I agree with you. But, on the other hand there are artists as well who would not like Pass Through to be the default mode. Let me know if the composite mode script could help you out.

One way to easily position peg pivots is to do multiple ones at the same time. For example, if you were to position the one of the forearm and the forearm master, select both pegs, and use the advanced animation tools to reposition it where you want it. This will position the pivot point of all selected pegs.

Be wary of pivot positions already set on other pegs as this will not reset the information that is already on those, but it will add up to those values. Starting from a clean slate is best.

Hope this helps :slight_smile: A script is also an alternative solution if you are familiar with the scripting process but we do not have one that comes with the software at the present time. If this is something that would interest you, feel free to go over into our feature request section of the forums and make the suggestion.

Chatted with someone still working at that studio, and they reminded me that this was in an actual drop down menu in the program. Next to file, edit, etc. Perhaps that is why it was possible? I guess this isn’t quite a script, but something deeper in the program to actually add a whole new menu.

I agree that changing the default nature of the composite would impact some artists. Which is why I want a box in the preferences that would let me choose what type to bring in. They can have their bitmaps (for whatever they use them for), and I could have my passthroughs. Everyone is happy! (But especially me, I suppose.)

I will do so!

Hi Geneviève,

perhaps, the best solution would be to add this feature to the ‘Paste Special’ options, the same option that is already available for drawings, but for pegs.

As mainly a rig artist, I wholeheartedly agree :slight_smile: I encourage you to add it on the topic created by wulfae about copying peg pivot points.

Okay Dokay :slight_smile:

Open layer properties of peg you wanna get info from. Pivot info is at bottom. Copy and paste values from one layer property to another.

Copy and then paste special (default is control or command + B, but you can right-click or use the Edit menu), when the window opens select ‘Update Drawing Pivot’ on the top, Drawings section. This is handy for instance when you want to add a lot of hands to a character rig with the animation pivots in different places. You can copy the drawing with the “good” pivot, then select all the other drawings and perform a paste special to only update the pivots.

Luis Canau