Can I change pencil strokes in multiple drawings at once (colour and texture)?

Hello all!

I’m currently working on a shortfilm using Toonboom Harmony Pro and I animated a scene using the Pencil Tool to draw the outlines. Now that I’ve finished the animation I want to colour it and to do this I want to colour the outlines as well and add the Charcoal pencil texture to it. Is there a way to add a colour and texture to every drawing on a layer or do I have to go through each drawing manually?

If there is no way to do what I want to do: is there a way to create a new pencil with a texture already on it? Because when I’m in the Pencil Tool I can’t select a texture, I have to select the Pencil Stroke with the Select Tool to add a texture to it.

Kind regards

Well, I presume all your pencil-tool outlines are using the same colour swatch ?
From the select toolbar (option+s) select the Select by Colour button (red arrow).
In the Viewport click on any one of your pencil lines.
All your lines with the identical colour swatch will be highlighted.
Change Size, Texture and Colour as you please.
When done deselect the Select by Colour button.


You can also add a color-override between your drawing node and the composite and change the color of your lines with a new rgb color. You can also modify the texture.

Hope it helps.