Can export whole drawing?


i was wondering if it is posible to export specific frames/drawings, that could be edited in graphic program like photoshop.

The idea is to export also the parts of the drawing in original size that are out of the camera view and would be especialy useful for making detailed backgrounds.

Hi Ivana,

Yes is possible export specific frames/drawings as image that could be edited in photoshop, for do this go to menu file>export and set the format that you desire ( tga, psd or other format) and check Selected frame: the frame to be exported.
This will export the camera area showed in your scene settings at 72 dpi (pixel resolution). If you have a most bigger art area that you needs export, simply create a new parent peg in the camera and make a child with the original peg and the camera. With the translate tool (in compositing mode) include all these outer area into the camera rectangle, and assign in menu scene>scene setting a bigger value than the standard project ( eg. if the original was 640px x 480 px, assign proportional 2560 px x 1920 px) this will done four time bigger resolution in the exported image. Now your exported image will show you all the drawing area that is located outside the original camera area. Finally, unchek the parent camera peg created for this purpose for return to the original camera position, and set the project settings again in the original values. The exported image will show you only the layers checked in timeline and the frame assigned for the red cursor in timeline. Hope that you can work with this exported image with a convenient content and resolution.

Best Regards.

That is actually a good idea, thankyou very much :smiley: