Can Cintiq 12wx work with Animate

I was wondering if the cintiq 12wx’s small resolution would be a problem in Animate? I tried animate on mine (at the highest res cintiq 12 wx can go) and I couldnt see the timeline or botton portion of the program.

I use a Cintiq 12WX and Animate Pro 2 it and it works fine. I get the whole thing on my screen–though it’s small. A problem I had was if my Cintiq was positioned to the right of my monitor. When I clicked on any of the icons on the left side, the flyout menu went over to my main monitor. So I use it to the left of my monitor–you set the positioning in your Windows dual monitor properties.

I have a cintiq 15x and what I do is, I only drag the camera/drawing view to my cintiq. In this way I use the maximum size of my cintiq to draw. Ok I still have to use my mouse to work with all the other things in Animate but the most import thing to do with a cintiq (drawing) is used in his full capability.

My wife set me up with two screens (one Cintiq and one normal monitor) so I can put anything I’m not constantly using on the non-drawing monitor while I work. It took some getting used to, but it’s terrific now. I don’t know exactly how to do it, since she set it up, but if you have any old monitors laying around and can do that I highly recommend it. Then your timeline and tools can be on the other screen while you work.

The resolution on the 12wx doesn’t meet the system requirements to run Animate. That means that you won’t be able to display everything from the whole program on it at once and have it display as it would on a normal monitor.

Have you considered trying to pull of just the camera view or the drawing view onto the Cintiq? Although I suppose you would need to have the timeline as well to be able to switch frames and whatnot.

It’s worth playing around with it to see if you can make it work - but from a purely technical standpoint, the resolution is not high enough to meet the system requirements.