Can bones be moved along Z axis?


I’m working on an walk cycle where I would like to give the illusion of a slight rotation along the Z axis. To contribute to the effect, I want to change the Z axis location of the character’s tail slightly so that it moves in front or behind the character’s body with alternating steps. This character is currently rigged using bones, with each body part in it’s own drawing layer.

As near as I can tell, Skin Group and Bone Group members are locked in the Z axis. I’ve been unable to figure out any way to change their relative Z orders as part of the animation. I was able to work around this by parenting the tail to a peg, then parenting the peg to the skeleton, but it seems a little hacky. Is there a way to do this using only bones?



There is no z-value for bone but you can change the order of each group in bone group in Time Line. Just be careful to move a whole hierarchy otherwise the influence of bone will have a wrong result for example, if you have a bone hierarchy from upper arm to lower arm, you need to make sure move upper arm and lower arm together. Moving lower arm only will cause a weird result due to the influence has been changed. If there is any scene that has a arm move behind the body, you can have duplicated part (ex, body) of drawing and put in upper layer in Time Line and connect rigged body together in top peg and show (in timing) duplicated drawings only when the arm has to be behind or mix cut out and bone when it is needed.