can anyone tell me about the Alpha Channel?

Hi, this is a channel used as a mask that lets you hide all or part of an image, allowing cuts and transparencies. It is supported only by some file formats such as .Psd, .Png, .Tiff, .Tga, QuickTime (millions of colors +). Yoryo.


Thank you for the clue, but can you tell me how to save an alpha channel? I know how to save one in Photoshop, but have no idea about toonboom.
More thanks!

Hi, in Toon Boom Studio you can import bitmaps, which contain transparent areas, or alpha channel built, but this is a property of the imported image, you should not save any alpha channel in TBS, all imported image property is saved when you save your current project.
Now, if you want to render your project as movie with alpha channel to edit it on another image layer, render the movie in QuickTime format, export settings / options: millions of colors +
I hope that clarify your doubts. Best Regards. Yoryo


Thanks a lot for the wonderful answer, it helped me out.
Xiexie! (Chinese for thanks)

By the way, on which corner of the planet are you?


Xiexie! (thanks) Emily, for their relpy, and Happy Holidays! I’m from Argentina, South America, the more south corner of the planet.
I wish that you have a very pleasant experience using Toon Boom Studio!
Mis saludos más cordiales! (Best Regards!) Yoryo.