Can anyone help with canvas freezing in Harmony 14.0?

Hello Everyone! I would greatly appreciate any help you can provide with a problem I ran into today with Harmony 14.0. I was planning to purchase this product when the free trial ended since things were working so nicely, but after the problem with the canvas freezing today, I’m can’t buy something that doesn’t work. Please if you can offer any tips/fixes, I would love to use this product long-term. Thanks in advance for your help!

Version: Toon Boom Harmony 14.0 Essentials Trial (8 days remaining)

Problem: I’ve been using the trial and enjoying the product until today, when I encountered the following problem. When using the brush, pencil, or eraser tool normally to draw and erase strokes, the canvas will freeze, Toon Boom will say it is “Not Responding” for about 5 seconds, and then the strokes will finally render (often very jagged and rough). I have two project files that I’m working on: 1) the first is a black and white draft, 2) the second is a version that I am adding color to. I did not notice this problem until working on the second color project, but now, even working on a blank file has the same frozen canvas behavior.

Other drawing programs, such as Paint, do not have this problem.

Simplest Case: The simplest way for me to recreate this behavior is to open a new, blank project, select the brush or pencil tool and click the canvas to try to make a dot. The dot will not appear, the canvas will freeze, Toon Boom will say it is “Not Responding” and after 5 seconds, the dot will finally appear. Obviously, it is practically impossible to do any artistic work under these conditions. Since this wasn’t happening before, so I’m not sure what is triggering the problem.

System Specs:
Windows 10
3.40 GHz processor
64-bit operating system

It was one of the windows 10 updates that caused this. Try rolling back your gpu drivers to an earlier verison.

I’ve had this problem repeatedly already. At first I thought I fixed it when I uninstalled my graphics card driver (Its an Intel) and it automatically redownloaded what I initially thought was an older version of the driver software. Unfortunately that doesn’t seem to be the case anymore. I really wish the developers would step in and fix the problem already.

It’s a problem between Windows and Intel Graphic card drivers.
It’s not directly related to Toonboom other than that it uses OpenGL
for display.