can anyone do it in studio or solo ?

ok who can do it , lets see…how u ppl do these things …i think at least you should do any 3-4 kind of these walkcycles with any character …now please dont say that i am too busy :wink:

Well, maybe you should rather give it a go yourself,
“who never tries - who never knows”.

Take 50… people and you might find 50… distinguished “walk-cycles”.
Have a look at this site and play with the setting - you’ll understand what I mean.

Anyway here are some “walk-cycle” tests I did recently with Toon Boom Studio.


thanks Nolan for these links , first link is amazing …
but these are not exactly what i am looking for !

ok look at this link here u will find ninja …exactly i want to see this kind of cutout walk cyles …which have been made in solo/studio …thanks

hellllooooo…where r u guys …? i came for feedback :frowning:

JK !

whats up ;D , i cannot enjoy this forum without ur posts :wink: