Can a toon boom harmony file opened by both Mac and PC version Harmony?? HELP~

Hello everyone.
Recently, I’m going to learn toon boom harmony, but someone told me that PC version of toon boom harmony file can not be opened by Mac version of toon boom harmony and said if I do my work and save by PC, then this file will be unable to be opened by mac.
Is that true? If it so, then how can two companies cooperate if they both have no same system?

Could anyone answer me this question? Thanks~

It’s supposed to work seamlessly, as long as you open on a newer or the same version number. I didn’t do this that often but all scenes I opened from Mac in Win and vice-versa had no problems. On the other hand I found problems with text files from Mac to Win…

As another used said, when naming assets and files avoid capitals, because in Mac ‘a’ and ‘A’ are treated as different characters but in Win they are the same.

You can open project created in an older version of the software using a newer version
of the program but not the reverse.

As far as I know, there should be no problems sharing Harmony 12 Project Files between
Windows and Mac computers… Send the Project Folder or Template File from one machine
to the other.

Keep a clean, relevant and descriptive naming convention of all your Projects and Templates.
It is highly recommended to use “Alphanumeric Characters” like a to z, 0 to 9 and_underscore _.
This should avoid issues when sharing Projects between different platforms.

Thank you so so much.
Sorry for another question.
Does any problem happen in other earlier version of Harmony?
I have Harmony 10 by the way.

Can’t say…
You might have to contact the Toon Boom Team:

I will try to ask them this problem, thanks!!!

Because my professor kept telling me it will be a problem if we create a file in Windows will be unable to open in Macs.
I am concerning about what he said. Because it seems happened before to make him be so sure that will be a problem.

Hope it works. I don’t want to be failed for the class because of can’t afford another new Mac. OTZ

It shouldn’t be a problem but remember that Mac differentiates between upper
and lower-case letters whereas Windows doesn’t. In the older version this might
have created a problem. If everything had been named using lower-case letters,
it should have been okay. Then again there are also such things as file ownership
and permissions to deal with so if there were problems it could have been caused
by those.