Can a deformer rig use IK?

Can anyone tell me if it is possible to use IK on a deformer character rig? If so, how do you do it?

Ok thanks. Walk cycles are a real pain without IK. I love the deformers, but that is going to be a real issue for me.

I second that.
Also live-recording mouse movements would be of great help.

See this is a big drawback for me and what’s kind of preventing me from moving on to Harmony (although the new brushes look AMAZING so I may just have to buy it anyway :P). The deformer is an amazing tool but I would not be able to deal with not being able to have IK limbs haha. You guys are spoiling me with how darn easy it is to do a freaking awesome walk cycle or just the simple task of having feet stick to the ground in a natural way (take THAT Flash!).

What I really want to do with the deformer tool is give the body an ability to bend naturally and get some nice curved body shapes or if I wanted to do like a 1930s rubber hose effect on the limbs.

I can sort of cheat the body bend in Animate Pro (see my next cartoon!) using pegs and such but it would be great if we could combine IK and the deformer.

That would be great Lilly!

It is not possible at this time for a deformer rig to be used with IK.


You know what I did recently that worked really well, was I had two versions of the rig for my character’s legs. I had the top-down deformer rig, and I had the bottom-up deformer rig. The rig is tied to a drawing, so all you have to do to switch from one to the other is to swap the drawing.

I tried this out and it actually worked really well.

I think I’ll try to do a Tip of the Week on this subject.


Here, check it out: